Howdy! Hei! I'm Kelli.

I manage operations (aka HR and admin) at Skillcrush, an online tech education company with a mission "to improve the quality of life of all women—with a particular focus on BIPOC and trans women, non-binary, and gender-non-conforming individuals—through digital empowerment and skills to build higher earning and more flexible careers".

I've also created content for the Skillcrush blog on everything from getting a job to taking care of your mental health while working from home. Plus, I've written articles on tech, productivity, apps, and more for The Muse.

I truly love my job, and I'm so glad I finally made a career change into tech, even though it took me until my mid-40's before I realized I could!

And I'm so happy that, at about the same time, I discovered my biggest passion in life: practicing for and going to catalan style dancing events all around Europe. In the words of the song to one dance, "Everybody needs a place." And I found mine on the dance floor...

And I'm so lucky to also have found my place to call home from here in Finland. I grew up in Texas and then lived and worked in Russia for awhile before moving to Finland over 25 years ago. I'm one of the rare few who can't get enough of Finnish winters, and I'm extremely grateful to be a Finnish citizen now.

I'm also proud to say I'm: an avid traveler and a die-hard homebody; a productivity geek who can't resist changing to-do apps a little too often; an early bird who firmly believes in the power of sleep; a long-time listener to over 30 podcasts a week; a forever fancier of Corgis after owning the perfect one years ago; a power user of punctuation (!), emoji 😍, and gifs; an alliteration aficionado; a craver of popcorn and, of course, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper; and a writer of notoriously long sentences!

Kelli Michele Smith